The contemporary metal art biennial METALLOphone 4: SIGNATURE

The concept. The contemporary metal art biennial METALLOphone in Vilnius will take place for the fourth time. It is the only international event in Lithuania dedicated to metal art and jewellery that is steadily growing in terms of its scale and importance equally to artists and audiences. Its title is symbolic: metallophone is an instrument that can make metal sing. In Lithuanian, fonas, from fond in French, also stands for background, setting or ground, and we see metal as able to become a fertile ground on which to explore fresh thoughts, regardless of the form in which they can materialise in the artwork.
The 2018 METALLOphone biennial is special. This year, we are celebrating the Centennial of the Restored State of Lithuania. The space that was selected for the exhibition is also special: it is the exhibition hall of the House of Signatories at the National Museum of Lithuania. It is a unique, formidable and historically significant venue. It was in the House of Signatories that the Independence Act, the document that officially declared and affirmed the declaration of independence of Lithuania, was signed. Every signatory’s autograph is their personal confirmation of and contribution to independence. That is what inspired the theme of the biennial – “Signature”. It is an allusion to the House of Signatories and signatures on the Independence Act, while at the same time being an encouragement to artists to demonstrate their creative individuality and unique touch. Every artist’s style is like their personal signature with which they mark the outside world. Every creator uses their signature style to affirm their existence in the world; every artist’s creative output constitutes their signature.
Professional artists working with metal are invited to participate in the international contemporary metal art biennial METALLOphone: SIGNATURE and, with their creative work, to make a mark on the world and Lithuania.

Opening: 4th October 2018.
Duration: 4th October – 4th November

Place: House of Signatories, Pilies str. 26, Vilnius, Lithuania

Curator: Dr. Jurgita Ludavičienė

Project operator – Jewelry school Vilnensis