Darijus Gerlikas



Born: May 4th, 1970, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Languages: lithuanian – native. Fluent in speaking and writing: italian, english and russian.


Education & Certificates:

1981-88 M.-K. Čiurlionis Secondary Art School. Vilnius, Lithuania.

1988-94 Vilnius Art Academy. Department of Design. Vilnius, Lithuania.

1992-93 Danish School of Design. Institute of Visual Communication. Copenhagen, Denmark.

1995 Italian Academy of Fashion & Design. Class of Interior Design. Florence, Italy.

1995-96 University of Florence. Department of Architecture, single courses. Florence. Italy.

1996-99 Florence Academy of Arts. Drawing courses. Florence. Italy.

1997-99 Center of Professional Formation. Goldsmiths Vocational Training Certificate. Florence, Italy.

2000-02 Celebrity Centre Florence. Various courses. Florence, Italy.

2003 Vilnius Art Academy. B.A. Vilnius, Lithuania.

2007-09 MBA, UNESCO Cultural Management and Cultural Policy. Vilnius Art Academy, Lithuania.

2008-09 Art teacher qualification. Vilnius Art Academy, Lithuania.


Professional Skills & Working Experience:

1997-98 Darijus Gerlikas & Ignacio Elizari Laboratory. Jewellery design & production. Italy.

1996-99 Selling dealer of “Amber. Ltd”. Lithuania.

1999-02    Goldsmith Leonardo Chilleri Laboratory. Stone setting. Florence, Italy.

Since 2003 Public institution “Darijaus papuošalai” founder. Vilnius, Lithuania.

Since 2004 Member of Lithuanian Artists Association. Vilnius, Lithuania.

Since 2004 Organizes and conducts jewelry courses. Vilnius, Lithuania.

Since 2005 “DARIJAUS GALLERY” owner. Vilnius, Lithuania.

Since 2006    Fine Crafts Association of Vilnius founder. 2006-08 President, 2010-12 Chairman of the Board. Till now board member. Lithuania.

2011-13 Creative solutions A&D gallery director. London, United Kingdom.

2016 Lecturer at Vilniaus Academy of Arts. Lithuania.

2019 Associate professor at Vilniaus Academy of Arts. Lithuania.

Since 2016 Jewelry school “Vilnensis” founder, director. Vilnius, Lietuva.




Gallery presents Darijaus Gerliko and his student’s author jewelry expositions.