Exhibition of Eglė Širvytė’s Author’s Jewelry “Sinoikija”

One sunny day in Portugal, when wandering around a park, I noticed a peculiar tree: it had bumps all over, and in each of those bumps there was a small hole. This discovery inspired me to investigate and understand what might have caused them. I found out about an unusual phenomenon called the gall. It is a deformation on the surface of a plant created by an insect’s eggs, which contain irritant materials to turn the plant into a perfect environment for their development. Able to fulfil its need for nutrients, for larva grows into a fly, gnaws a small hole in the gall, and leaves its safe abode. Such symbiosis made me think about the unique harmony of nature, which is so foreign to us and which we know very little about.
As a result, I have created a collection of ten pieces of jewelry to remind us about one of the many remarkable phenomena found in nature.